Next-level deliciousness. Better nutrition. Clearer wrapper design... get healthy for summer. 

The last week has seen big changes, we’ve turned the corner and winter is behind us, we’re leaving coats at home and looking forward to months of warmer weather and longer, more active days. It’s an inspiring time of year, when everything seems to be encouraging you to get out on longer runs, more walks, more adventurous rides, and even people who’ve never even heard of Wim Hof, think about getting back in the water.

Our goal is healthy people and a healthy planet, we’re constantly working to make natural nutrition as delicious, enjoyable and hassle-free as possible, helping you get active and stay healthy in the most sustainable way possible.

Our latest recipe upgrades are a significant leap forward in terms of nutrition - protein has increased to at least 13g per bar, we’ve added a special seaweed grown in the far north of Scotland giving each bar at least 50% of your daily requirement of iodine, we’ve reduced sugars and added oats for even more long-lasting energy. 

...But it’s in terms of taste that we think these upgraded recipes really break new ground; more flavour, improved texture, and increased variation across the range.


We’ve done the research and there’s no more delicious or nutritious bar out there. Shop now and see for yourself; order before 2pm to get them next day in the UK!

Orange Choc Cashew

More Flavour  - Extra chocolatey flavour and added crunch with cocoa nibs and cashew nuts*

Better Nutrition - 13g complete protein, 50% RI iodine, reduced sugars, + 100% RI vitamin C, 100% RI vitamin B12...

Mixed Nut Choc

 More Flavour  - Even more rich, chocolaty flavour, the perfect combination of sweet and savoury, soft and crunchy.

 Better Nutrition - 14.5g of protein, 1.5g omega 3, 50% RI iodine, reduced sugars + at least 50% RI of 12 essential micronutrients...

Turmeric Mulberry

More Flavour  - Added mulberries, for fruitier flavour and juicy feel, perfectly complimenting the warm, soft spiciness of turmeric. 

Better Nutrition - Increased antioxidant activity, 14.5g of complete protein, reduced sugars, 50% RI iodine, + turmeric, 10g of fibre...

Goji Berry

More flavour - Added cinnamon for natural sweetness and oats for a satisfyingly chewy texture.

Better Nutrition - 14g protein, 69% RI iodine + antioxidant, reduced sugars, + 86% RI vitamin C, 100% vitamin RI B12... 

[*we've also removed the orange peel from the Orange Choc Cashew bar recipe which sometimes gave a slightly bitter aftertaste.]


Some things never change...

100% organic ingredients

A bigger, more satisfying 76g bar

Certified home-compostable wrapper

Delivered by our carbon-neutral courier

April 26, 2022