Chewy, crunchy, delicious, nutritious . . . Banana Cocoa

14g of organic banana and 6g of organic cocoa nibs.

Banana Cocoa Bar

Chocolate and Banana is a classic flavour, if you know it, you probably already love it. Our heathy twist uses organic bananas and organic cocoa nibs for a delicious, chocolatey crunch, plus added Cornish sea salt crystals for an occasional burst of extra flavour, and a hint of the salted caramel, sweet/salt contrast which has been such a revelation in recent years. 

These new ingredients sit along side a healthy dose of the classic Human Food ingredients that we include in all bars - hemp seeds, curry leaf and sprouted quinoa for their great nutritional contributions, as well as maca and acerola for their functional properties. 

Read about the Banana & Cocoa health benefits 

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First-taste reviews

We’ve had the new bars at Human Food HQ for just a couple of weeks, here’s a few short, first-taste reviews from Human Food team members.


"Ok I'm addicted. Every day around midday I'm craving the cocoa nib crunch and chocolate delight along with the new oaty texture. I've been eating HF bars for just under 3 years now and yes this is the best yet!" Lucy


"Yeah, this is my favourite. The cocoa nib crunch mixed with the softer ingredients makes for a really satisfying texture, as a well a more chocolatey flavour than the other bars. I use Human Food bars before and during trail runs and found them easy on the stomach and great for endurance." Tim


"This bar feels like the one that was always missing from the Human Food Bar range. Super indulgent, and for me personally, nostalgic, thoughts of making sweet treats on a campfire with bananas and chocolate. It's a delight to be able to treat yourself like this, knowing it's setting my body up perfectly for the day." Tom




May 18, 2022