Ky, founder of human food, outside a holland and barrett store with a human food box
If you shop in Holland & Barrett, you may have see our bars on the shelf already. They are in the brand new 'Nutritionally Complete Food' category, next to well known brands such as HUEL and Y Food. This is across over 800 stores in the UK and Ireland. 

Human Food is proudly representing Organic in this category launch. We use only plant derived vitamins. The use of synthetic vitamins in foods precludes brands from Organic status. Thanks again to the team at Holland & Barrett for working with us.

Sarah-Jane Hodson, Senior Category Manager at Holland & Barrett says: "We are really excited to launch our new Nutritionally Complete Food category, working with brands such as Human Food. We understand people have a range of eating habits and can sometimes miss out essential nutrients and vitamins if they skip a meal, or eat something with a low nutritional value. With this new category soon to be available in our stores and online, our customers have a viable option when they're short of time, at home or when they’re out and about, but still want to eat something healthy, with all the goodness they need."
January 10, 2022