Human Food Organic Cotton Running Vest

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Human Food Running Vest; 100% organic cotton, manufactured and printed by Viga in the UK.

Why Cotton? Sportswear is generally made from synthetic materials, most commonly polyester, which is derived largely from petrochemicals. At HF, were committed to doing everything we can to contribute to creating a more sustainable system, and we see things like plastic packaging and the use of petrochemicals in industries where they’re not really needed as a major part of the problem we’re up against when it comes to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels - still the biggest environmental issue we’re facing.

We’ve gone for organic too; organic farming is better for the environment in all sorts of ways, in particular, organic farming standards do not permit the use of chemical pesticides which do enormous damage to wildlife on farmed land, dramatically reducing both the diversity and abundance of species, including essential pollinators such as honey bees. Cotton is also light, comfortable and allows your skin to breath naturally.


  • 100% organic cotton.
  • Classic, unisex running vest cut.
  • Black with silver and trim.
  • ‘HF Runners’ logo across horizontal band.
  • Viga logo on left breast.
  • Medium weight; 220gsm.
  • Manufactured in the UK by Viga.

Wash Instructions

  • Wash similar colours together.
  • Do not iron on print.
  • Wash and iron inside out.

Size Guide

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