Is Chicken Broth Good for You?—Nutrition, Allergens, and Dietary Considerations

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What is chicken broth? A liquid made out of simmering meat bones, vegetables known for its versatility and nutrition content. It is used as an ingredient in many cuisines and valued for its potential health benefits. Chicken broth with its subtle sweet, savory, mild meaty taste makes the cuisine more delicious. 

Adding chicken broth in your diet is essential as it is a source of protein, vitamins and minerals. with various nutrients. Chicken broth is low in fat and calories that prevents you from various health issues. Other than this, from improving the immune system to enhancing joint health, it works for you.

Nutritional Profile 

The nutritional content in chicken broth depends on its manufacturing process. But, You will always find protein and sodium in it. It gives you low fat and calories.

What 1 Cup(249g)Of Chicken Broth Offers You?

Total Fat                                                                     0.5g
Cholesterol 5mg
Sodium 923 mg
Total Carbohydrate 1.1g
Calcium 10mg
Iron 0.2mg
Potassium 44.8mg
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Nutritional Components of Chicken Broth —


Chicken broth is rich in protein. During digestion, proteins are broken down into amino acids. Amino acids help to build and recover body tissues, produce enzymes and support the immune system.


Vitamins may vary according to the ingredients used in chicken broth. Chicken broth contains some common vitamins such as vitamin B3, vitamin B12, vitamin, vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K. These vitamins you may get from vegetables, bones and chicken.


Chicken broth includes many minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium and manganese.

Health Benefits (Explain the potential benefits such as immune system and joint health)

Chicken broth founded by our ancestors rich in collagen and gelatin. Collagen improves joint movement, prevent joint pain

And reduce inflammation. It is known as an anti-ageing solution as it supports skin, nails and hair health. The amino such as glycine, proline and cysteine present in chicken broth are building blocks of protein which build and are vital to improve joint health and immune system. 

Potential Health Benefits of Chicken Broth—

Joint Health

Glycine and proline as an amino acid repair and maintain the joint tissues. Also, they enhance joint movement. Consuming gelatin rich chicken broth may help reduce joint discomfort as it lubricates the joints. Collagen content in chicken broth like Glucosamine and chondroitin maintains cartilage and reduces joint pain. Also, calcium as a mineral plays a major role in improving joint health.

Immune System

Chicken broth is full of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals which strengthen the immune system. Amino acids like cysteine, vitamin A and C and zinc make the immune system stronger. Chicken broth is healthy for the digestive system which enhances the immune system. This liquid keeps your body hydrated and a hydrated body leads to a healthy immune system.


Consuming collagen and zinc rich chicken broth reduce acne, wrinkles and improves skin elasticity. 

Gut Health

Glutamine found in chicken broth repairs holes in gut lining    and makes it impermeable.


Presence of magnesium gives relaxation to the body and improves sleep quality.

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Drawbacks & Considerations

Yes, chicken broth is packed with proteins, nutrients and minerals but there are some drawbacks you need to consider before consuming chicken broth.

High Sodium Content

The amount of sodium in chicken broth is high. Excessive consumption of chicken broth is associated with high blood pressure. So, you should have a moderate amount of chicken broth if you are on a low-sodium diet or suffering with hypertension. Having a homemade chicken broth is a healthy option for you as the amount of sodium is lower in it compared to commercially prepared chicken broth.


To enhance the flavor and taste of chicken broth, the manufacturer adds preservatives/additives in it. Sometimes, this preservatives/additive does not work for you.


Opt for organic, fresh vegetables and free range chickens when you are cooking chicken broth as it offers you higher nutrient content compared to conventionally raised chickens and lower-quality ingredients.

Calories and Fat

Yes, chicken broth is low in calories and fat. But excessive amounts of chicken broth makes you gain calories and fat.

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Which is Good for You? Homemade Vs Store Bought Chicken Broth?

Homemade chicken broth is a healthier choice compared to store bought chicken broth. Homemade chicken broth is preservative free while store-bought chicken broth contains preservatives to extend the shelf life of it.  To get proper nutrition, you can add fresh vegetables, free-range chicken, and high-quality spices & herbs in homemade chicken broth. If you are health conscious you can add an amount of sodium  according to the diet plan. But controlling the sodium amount in chicken broth is not in your hand if you are going for a store-bought. Stores provide you a chicken broth with different flavor, but still it lacks nutrients when we compare it to homemade chicken broth.

How Chicken Broth is Used in Cooking to Enhance the Flavor of Dishes?  

Adding an extra flavor is a key to making any dish delicious. Chicken broth is one of such ingredients which gives rich and savory flavor to different dishes. It serves as a base to soups and stews, contributes to the texture of sauces and gravies and enhances different dishes.

How to Incorporate Chicken Broth in Special Diets?

Paleo Diet: Chicken broth is made out of chicken and vegetables which makes it a natural fit for the paleo diet. It does not contain dairy, grains and legumes which are not allowed in the paleo diet.

Keto Diet: Ketogenic diet is a low-carb and high-fat diet. Chicken broth is beneficial for people who follow a keto diet as it is low in carbs.

Gluten-Free Diet: Chicken broth is a suitable choice for the people who are allergic to gluten.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Chicken Broth Good For You?

Yes, it is good for health as it contains several vitamins, protein, minerals which enhance your joint health and improve your immune system.

Can I add Chicken broth in a keto-diet?

Yes, high protein low carb content in chicken broth makes it a ketogenic diet.

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