Is Ice Cream a Good Choice for Sore Throat? — All That You Need to Know

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Ice Cream! A scoop of comfort and love. Its delicious creamy texture and thousands of flavors have been ruling hearts for centuries. No matter what age you are, the wide range of flavors will take your taste buds to the thrill of exploring and discovering the world of joy like a kid!

What makes ice cream so adored? The texture, flavors, toppings, and anything that makes you crave a scoop, and may be endless scoops. Yes, some people do not care much about the backstories of having ice cream in a high amount. They just love the soothing feel they get while having ice cream. 

There are times when people turn to ice cream when they have a sore throat, not because it is a remedy, but because of the better feel they get. It is true that when you have a sore, inflamed throat, an ice cream or dessert will ease your pain, to be more clear, it gives psychological comfort.

Whatever may be the reason behind your sore throat, the sharp pain caused is highly discomforting while swallowing something, even saliva. People sometimes go for ice cream to get instant relief from soreness. But chances are there it may worsen your situation.  

Are you also an ice cream lover? Then join us to unwrap the impact of ice cream on sore throat. 

What is in It?

The core elements of ice cream:

Dairy products: The rich, creamy texture of ice cream is because of the milk and cream added to it. 

Sugar: Ice cream contains sugar to get its sweet taste. Some sweeteners may be added, such as granulated sugar, syrup, and others. However, some ice creams contain natural sweeteners, such as honey. 

Stabilizers: Stabilizers can improve the texture and sweetness of ice cream. Also, certain additives are used to prevent melting and remain smooth in texture.

Flavorings: These are the ingredients that give ice cream its taste. Flavorings can be natural such as vanilla and cocoa, and artificial.  

Air: This is an important ingredient in ice cream, which gives an airy texture to ice cream.

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Allergens to be Noted

Now you know what are the ingredients in an ice cream. Those are the common ingredients, and they can even cause allergies. Different people have different health conditions, and the allergens also vary according to them. Before consumption, you must go through the product label and ensure your safety. 

Milk: If you have any allergy to dairy or dairy products, ice cream may not be suitable for you because milk and cream are the major components of ice cream. 

Soy:  Soy is a common allergen to many, and may be an issue if you consume ice cream. Soy lecithin is used as an emulsifier.

Flavorings and toppings: A variety of flavorings are there in ice cream, and some of them can cause allergies. It is advised to read the product label to identify which brand and flavor is suitable for you. 

Nuts: People who have allergy to nut-based products must be careful when having crunchy varieties and nutty flavors.  

Ice Cream for a Sore Throat

There are numerous ways to get rid of sore throat, including medication and using warm liquids to gargle, etc. But sometimes, people find a way to solve it psychologically, that is, desserts and cold drinks. Do you think that is helpful?

  • The impact ice cream gives you is only a temporary one. Therefore, there are chances that it may increase your infection or the root cause behind the sore throat. 
  • Ice cream brings comfort when you are feeling ill, and also lifts your mood. 
  • The sudden irritation and dryness caused by infection can be lessened by the water content in ice cream.

Along with this temporary cure and comfort feeling, there are certain concerns to be noted:

  • Knowing the reason behind your irritation before having ice cream is important, as it may lead to further health issues. Too much ice cream can also worsen your health condition. 
  • It lacks essential nutrients.
  • The high sugar and fat content can lead to health issues. Also, it is not suitable for people who are maintaining a balanced diet. 
Image representing an Icecream for a sorethroat

Nutritional Content

The nutritional value of any food differs with the type, brand, and serving size you choose.  Let’s take a look at the nutritional factors in a 100 gm of regular ice cream. 

CaloriesApproximately 205 calories
Protein2.5 grams
Saturated Fat6.5 grams
Carbohydrates24.5 grams
Cholesterol55 milligrams

Health Implications of Ice Cream

For pregnant women: If consumed in moderation, ice cream is good for pregnant women. Pregnant women should take care of a balanced diet that provides essential nutrients and vitamins. While having cravings for sweets, you must be careful about your total sugar and fat intake and your weight management. 

For Diabetics: For diabetics, it is essential to control their blood sugar levels. Diabetics can enjoy ice cream in a moderate amount, considering their health factors. Keeping a balanced diet with fiber-rich food, protein, etc. you can have ice cream as a part of it. 

For Lactating women: Lactating women should take care of their baby while enjoying ice cream as part of their meal. Moreover, you must be careful about the potential allergens in the ingredients, as your baby may also show sensitivity to certain foods. 

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Weight Management

Enjoying endless scoops of ice cream and managing your weight is something not going to happen! It is possible only if you are watchful of each spoon. Ice creams are high in calories, so choose wisely, a low-caloric variety. Also, check for the fat and sugar content. 

If you continue your physical activities and exercise, it will be easy to burn calories and also to burn the fat content because the saturated fat content in ice cream is a risk factor for heart health. Always consider a sugar-free or low-sugar variety while choosing ice cream, if you are on a balanced diet. 

Ice cream is not a permanent solution for your sore throat, but it gives you a comforting feel. It is always better to opt for warm liquids or some medications if you are suffering from a throat infection or allergies. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I eat ice cream with a sore throat?

Some people may find it easy to handle the dryness they feel while having a sore throat. But it is not advisable to consume it in an excess amount as it may increase your irritation or lead to any other health issues.

Can I eat ice cream if I have diabetes?

Individuals with diabetes are advised to have ice cream in small quantities, and you need to be watchful about your sugar intake.

Can children eat ice cream with a sore throat?

It is okay to consume cold food while having a sore throat, but parents should ensure that the child is healthy and no other underlying allergies are the cause of the child’s throat infection.

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