Human Food Runners

The "training only" club for lovers of real food fuel and cotton vests... Coming soon!

HF runners was conceived after we noticed Human Food bars growing in popularity amongst ultra-marathoners and Iron Man competitors. When we questioned some of the athletes, the common reasons for using it were relating to nutrition, convenience, and the environment. Our club is for runners who don’t want to compromise either of these.

If you are a runner and care about your health you should eat clean to fuel your body. It’s good to be part of a tribe of like minded runners. So join.Catra Corbett

Read more about the club below.

Member benefits

Members can connect with one another via social media groups in the near future, and will all receive;

  • a monthly e-magazine with training plans from seasoned runners
  • nutritional tips from health professionals
  • details of virtual HF Runners events and challenges with real medals and other prizes
  • …and whatever else we can think of that will benefit your running.

How to join

New HF subscribers will be automatically added as a member by selecting the free organic cotton HF Runners running vest when they purchase the subscription. You can then opt in to receive the monthly e-magazine, and your first edition will contain introductory information to you as a new member, including details of where and how to engage with the other members.

  • You can also join by buying the vest on it’s own.


For any other information, or comments, please contact us via the email address, the chat tool on this website, or by sending us a message on Instagram.

Happy Running!