Human Food Runners - Launching Soon

Join our club of real food runners

The idea of forming a running club came after we noticed that Human Food bars were growing in popularity amongst ultra-marathoners, Iron Man competitors and trail runners.

We were pleased but not surprised, those of us who work at Human Food and who are into running, had been using bars as prep and recovery food for years. We spoke to our new customers and found that, like us, they loved the whole food ingredients, the functional foods and the convenience. And as people who care about the outdoors, they really loved our compostable wrappers.

If you are a runner and care about your health you should eat clean to fuel your body. It’s good to be part of a tribe of like minded runners. So join.Catra Corbett

Want to join? Write to us, and we'll write back.

Let us know how to contact you.
Let us know what sort of runner you are.
Thank you!

Member benefits

Members will be able to connect with one another via social media groups in the near future, and will all receive;

  • a monthly e-magazine with training plans from seasoned runners
  • nutritional tips from health professionals
  • details of virtual HF Runners events and challenges with real medals and other prizes
  • …and whatever else we can think of that will benefit your running.

How to join

Buy the HF Runners vest from our shop to be added automatically, or simply write to us above asking to join. We'll add you to the list of people who'll FEEL THE POWER of a real food running club as soon as it officially launches!

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