The human food team outside their office

The Company

We started out as a Co-op, based in Tenby, in the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in West Wales, which deep down is the inspiration for our environmental policy - living in incredible natural surroundings is a constant reminder of how much nature means to people, and how important it is to do our bit to look after it.

We’re still owned and run collectively and we make almost every decision that way too, we’re a small group, and mostly we’re friends before colleagues. 

If you're ever in this beautiful neck of the woods, send us a message and come say hi.

[Left to Right; Tom, James, Lucy, Ky, Abi, Alex]


From ingredients to packaging to delivery, Human Food has been designed to enable a more sustainable, more reasonable future

For these reasons:

  • Human Food will always be organic.
  • Human Food will always be made from 100% whole foods and whole food extracts.
  • Human Food will never contain GMOs.
  • Human Food will never contain Soy.
  • Human Food will never contain refined sugar.
  • Human Food will never contain any artificial flavouring, colouring or sweeteners.
  • Human Food packaging will never use plastics.
  • Human Food packaging will always be biodegradable/ recycled/ recyclable, and in all other ways designed to minimise environmental impact.
  • Human Food subscriptions will always be delivered by carbon-neutral courier services.
  • We will regularly review our suppliers and systems and the way we operate at all levels, to check that we’re doing all we can to minimise our environmental impact.
  • We will do everything we can to ensure that at all levels of our organisation and throughout our supply chain, the people who contribute to the production and distribution of Human Food are free to go about their work without discrimination on the basis of gender, belief, sexuality or race, in a safe and secure environment, with fair treatment and reasonable pay.
  • We will always seek to be as transparent and accountable as possible; if you have any questions about any aspect of the way we operate, please get in touch and we will do our best to provide you with full and detailed answers.
Human Food bars in a shopping bag with fresh fruit and veg

Founder Ky in a development kitchen with ingredients


Human Food was born out of a personal mission

Human Food was born out of a mission to make the ultimate, nutrient-packed morning smoothie, the healthiest possible single serving, full of natural, health-giving nutrients with added functions ingredients for improved energy levels, increased focus, better mood, strengthened immunity and improved long-term health prospects. 

In 2018, after 4 years of continual development, guided by world-leading experts in health and nutrition, Human Food bars were launched on Kickstarter, quickly becoming, at the time, Kickstarter’s Most Funded Vegan Product Ever. 

Here’s Human Food Founder, Ky Wright, for a little extra background

“ . . . I was 12 years in on the business I’d started with my school friend and we’d done well, we'd moved from West Wales to Brighton and started a successful shop, we had retail listings with all the big supermarkets and a range of food service contracts, I loved my work, but my lifestyle wasn’t healthy, I ate badly and slowly I just ran out of energy, my motivation lagged, and I left the business. For over 2 years I travelled across Europe, Asia and Australia, I read everything I could about health and diet, and grew to appreciate the incredible power of real, natural, nutrition. I met with a whole range of health experts, from all types of backgrounds, and transformed my own eating habits, I couldn’t believe the difference in terms of energy, mood, positivity, focus and general well-being, then I decided to use that renewed energy and motivation to start Human Food, to make it easy for people to feel what I felt, . . .” 


Human Food is the world’s first organic daily nutrition bar

It's made specifically to make it easy and convenient to access a huge variety of health and well-being benefits, from a massive range of incredibly nutritious organic wholefoods. And to take advantage of the amazing power of functional foods, without having to spend all your time finding sources for all the rare and hard-to-find ingredients or to extend your kitchen to make room for all the packages.

Human Food was born of a personal mission to create the perfect smoothie to support personal health, well being, energy and focus, which also happened to be a plant based diet, so each bar would also contain a full daily dose of vitamin B12 and a range of other difficult to access micro-nutrients. The smoothie then became a bar, to remove the need for preparation.

From the outset, Human Food’s development has been guided by a certain set of factors and requirements:

  • Nutrition and Functionality – Human Food would be the most nutritious food available, it would be hassle free to eat, it would bring together all the most powerful and beneficial functional foods, and one serving would account for all the nutrients that can be difficult to obtain from a plant-based diet, including 100% RI of organic Vitamin B12.
  • Organic – Human Food would use only the highest quality organic ingredients, grown without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides; better for both the individual and for the environment.
  • Clean Label – Human Food would contain contain no added sugar, no GMOs, no soy, no artificial flavours, sweeteners or flavourings.
  • Taste – Human Food would taste amazing, delicious and natural, with no sickly synthetic aftertaste.
  • Satiety – Human Food would be super-filling, to help people take control of their eating habits, a bar would be filling enough to replace a meal, but not bulky, leaving you feeling light and energised, and with no refined sugars or syrups, no sugar-crash either. 
someone holding a yellow bar in front of a sea view