The Company

Human Food is owned and run collectively, we’re a small group, and mostly we’re friends before colleagues. 

Our HQ is just outside Tenby, in the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, it’s the kind of environment which makes you want to stay healthy, and deep down it’s the inspiration for our commitment to sustainability too.


Human Food is about building a healthier, more sustainable future, for people and for the planet.

For us, that means committing to three key principles:

  1. Human Food will always be certified organic.
  2. Our recipes will only ever contain whole foods: Zero additives, preservatives, flavourings or colourings.
  3. Our packaging will always be 100% compostable and zero plastic.
Human Food bars in a shopping bag with fresh fruit and veg


2016 - The Idea

Human Food started out as a personal mission to make the healthiest possible single serving food.

2018 - Kickstarted

Human Food bars became the 'Most Funded Vegan Product Ever' on crowd-funding website Kickstarter.

2019 - Launch

After a year of development and refinement Human Food became available as a mailorder subscription, packaged in compostable wrappers and delivered by carbon-neutral courier.

2020 - Upgrade

We launched 2 new flavour bars in re-designed 'up front' packaging, focussed on communicating Human Food's unmatched nutritional content.  

2020 - Hospitals

Human Food were approached by Nuffield Health and asked to provide bars as a recovery food patients at their private hospitals.

Now & Next

In 2021 we launched in independent retail, became offical bar supplier to the 'Endurance Life' series of running events, and successully launched Human Food Shakes on Kickstarter.

We've already got a lot planned for 2022; we'll be moving into retail in a big way, our shakes will get a full launch, we'll be updating recipes, adding new flavours and working with lots of exciting people to help make the world a healthier place.

Founder / CEO - Ky Wright

I began developing Human Food partly in response to a family member being prescribed a meal replacement drink made of cheap, synthetic ingredients. I searched for a better alternative but couldn't find one. So I began making a 100% organic, whole food, plant-based version that was much more nutritious and beneficial to long term health. This organic drink alternative evolved into Human Food Bars.”

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