Human Food is whole food health benefits with snack bar convenience. One of our delicious, organic bars provides over half your recommended daily intake of 13 essential micronutrients, all in their natural, most health-giving form.  

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5 Naturally Delicious Flavours

100% organic whole foods, no added sugar, flavourings or synthetics.

Be your personal best, everyday  

For natural energy and recovery, pre and post workout, and nutritional peace-of-mind.

Keep It Real - Nature Does It Best

Proper nutrition, harnessing the natural power of real whole foods helps promote long-term health and well-being and to protect against disease.

Synthetic, chemically-manufactured vitamins used in supplements, meal replacements and fortified foods don’t replicate these long-term health benefits, some can even be harmful.

Nutritional Peace-of-Mind

Human Food provides natural, broad-spectrum nutrition, every day, with added functional ingredients for long-term health and well-being.

One zero-prep bar containing 24 organic whole foods and 21 vitamins and minerals.

Real Food For Sports

Human Food is the go-to option for pro and amateur athletes looking for a ‘real food’ alternative.

With natural sugars providing slow-release energy, plus functional foods and broad-spectrum, wholefood nutrition, for increased energy and focus, reduced inflammation and fast recovery.

Human Food for . . .

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Energy & Focus

Long-term Health

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Wholefood Convenience

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Zero Plastic

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A Bigger Bar

Used by Elite Athletes, Recommended by Health Professionals

A photo of Dr Adigo

Dr Adigo Atabo


"I am very impressed. The precise formulation allows the Human Food bars to be prescribed as nutritional therapy. I am excited to start using the product with patients. A big well done to the team!"

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Catra Corbett

Record-breaking ultramarathon runner.

"The BEST nutrition bar on the PLANET! Great tasting and packed with all the nutrition you need for your race or workout. I just use it as fuel for racing but you could certainly eat it as breakfast or lunch."

A photo of Dr Hamed

Dr Hamed Kamali

Practicing physician / certified in plant-based nutrition.

"I’ve searched for a bar like this since going plant-based - not only addressing the macros - but also the micro-nutrients. All flavours are delicious, satiating and full of superfoods that you might otherwise struggle to get on a daily basis."