Is Fiji Water Healthy?—Everything You Need to Know

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A popular brand of water from the Viti Levu in the Republic of Fiji, Fiji water is said to be a healthy and natural form of water since it originates from an underground reservoir and is not touched by humans during the bottling process. It became popular due to its health benefits put forward by wellness and health-conscious people. Moreover, the company says that it is filtered through the volcanic rock layers, which makes it a perfect mineral source to drink. 

There are many more to say about the health benefits of Fiji water. But, what is your take on it? Is Fiji water healthy? This article will tell you about the potential benefits and downsides of Fiji water.

What Are the Components of Fiji Water?

Fiji water is said to have several minerals in it. The company claims that it has magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, fluoride, etc. as natural sources of energy. These minerals help the human body in different ways, such as maintaining bone health and other body functions. 

Yaqara Valley is the source of Fiji water, and it is filtered through volcanic rock, contributing to its purity. This source is the reason for the rich minerals in it. Fiji water provides electrolytes to keep the body hydrated. Moreover, it can help in balancing the overall health of your body by providing essential minerals and electrolytes. 

The minerals altogether make it a beneficial drink with an alkaline state and without any flavors or sweeteners in it. 

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Nutritional Properties of Fiji Water

You know that Fiji water is rich in minerals, which help in body functioning and bone health. Generally, such water contains no calories and extra beneficial nutritional content. 

Calories:  Almost all bottled mineral water is free of calories. 

Nutrition: Nutritional content shows the quantity of carbohydrates, fat, and protein. Fiji water, being bottled water, does not contain rich nutritional components in it. 

Essential minerals: Magnesium, Calcium, Silica, etc. are present in sufficient quantities. These minerals play a vital role in the overall human body functioning. 

Allergens: There are no allergens present in Fiji water. Individual health considerations can be taken while drinking Fiji water.

With all the essential minerals and health benefits offered by Fiji water, it becomes a healthy choice of drink. 

Health Benefits of Fiji Water


The electrolytes present in Fiji water contribute to proper hydration of the body. These electrolytes also help in balancing the mineral content. Hence, it helps to stay hydrated which in turn helps in your digestion, metabolic activities, and maintaining healthy blood circulation. 

Skin Health

Silica present in Fiji water can help to maintain healthy skin and bone health. Furthermore, the hydrating properties also help in maintaining healthy skin and a visible freshness all over. Silica contributes to bone health by helping in the formation of bone tissues. 


Fiji water is said to have several minerals which directly and indirectly contribute to the body’s functions. The limited range of sodium, potassium, calcium, etc. found in this bottled water makes it a good source of energy. 


Fiji water is alkaline, and alkaline water is believed to have antioxidants in it. The antioxidants in Fiji water protect the cells from damage and promote cardiovascular health benefits. 

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Impact on Individuals

Pregnancy and Lactation

Drinking enough water and keeping your body hydrated is crucial for both pregnancy and lactation. 

  • Fiji water is popular for its mineral content, hence it is good to drink it during pregnancy. But you should not rely wholly on any bottled water for mineral content. 
  • Silica in Fiji water is good for bone health during the pregnancy period. 
  • Similar to the pregnancy period, you need to focus on hydration if you are a lactating mother. 
  • Fiji water with a well-balanced mineral content is a good choice for drinking water during lactation. 

Impact on Diabetics

Fiji water does not contain any flavors or sweeteners, and it is free from sugar and carbohydrates. Hence, it is suitable for individuals with diabetes.

Impact on Gut Health

Fiji water helps you keep hydrated, which in turn helps in digestion. Proper digestion is essential for gut health. 

Impact on Kidney Health

A healthy kidney needs a hydrated body. Drinking sufficient water like Fiji water leads to hydration and the proper functioning of the kidneys. If you have any diseases with kidney, always take an expert opinion. 

Downsides of Fiji Water

  • A major downside we can say is the bottle in which Fiji water is distributed. Plastic bottles are harmful to the environment, and they question the well-being of living beings. Hence, it is essential to reduce the use of plastic bottles and containers.  
  • There are chances in which the region in which Fiji water is taken gets harmed by human presence. 

The Bottom Line

Fiji water is a good choice of drink due to its mineral content and benefits. However, it is essential to find out if the mineral components present in Fiji water are similar to other bottled waters. It does not harm you, but it is your choice to include it in your daily life or not. Consider individual health preferences before including anything new in your diet. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Fiji water different from other bottled drinking water?

Fiji water originates from a natural underground reservoir and is filtered through a volcanic rock layer.  This source makes it different from other bottled water, which is filtered and processed using machines. 

Is Fiji water healthy?

The mineral content in Fiji water makes it a good choice of drink. Moreover, there are no visible risks in having Fiji water. 

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