Is Propel Water Good for You?—Everything You Must Know

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Propel Water is a brand of bottled water that contains added electrolytes, vitamins, and sweeteners aimed at sports persons and people who are engaged in physical activities. It contains several refreshing factors making it a favorite among sports drinks.

Many people might be thinking, consuming propel water can help them regain electrolytes and vitamins lost during workouts and physical activities. But this may not be the result if you drink this bottled water daily. 

Propel water is not the same for all. There are many factors that you need to consider while drinking. Before calling it the best drink for fitness freaks, go through this article to understand the goodness and downsides of consuming propel water. 

Ingredients of Propel Water

Do you know what propel water comprises? Many ingredients are incorporated into this drink to enhance the flavor and sweetness.

A basic ingredient is water to which several chemical components are added. 

Electrolytes are essential for the body to carry electric charge. Sodium and potassium are essential electrolytes in propel water to help in the muscle and body functions including rebuilding damaged tissues and keeping the body hydrated for a long time. 

Flavors stimulate the taste of the water, promoting more consumption. It contains natural and artificial flavors. 

Vitamins are crucial for overall body functions. Hence it is important in metabolism, brain development, immune functioning, etc. Propel water contains B vitamins.

Sweeteners like sucralose can add more sweetness than sugar. But they affect the gut health if consumed excessively. 

Citric acid is a preservative and a flavoring to provide an appealing taste. However, over-consumption can increase inflammation in some individuals. 

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How Does Propel Water Help in Hydration?

  • A replacement of electrolytes sodium and potassium is guaranteed by the brand to maintain hydration in people involved in many physical activities. 
  • B and C vitamins are incorporated to provide support for the metabolism and immune functions. 
  • For those who don’t like plain water, propel water provides artificial flavors and taste to make it appealing. 
  • Moreover, it is available everywhere and is easy to carry anywhere keeps people buying it and consuming as much as they want. 

Alternatives for Propel Water

Finding alternatives to propel water is not a challenging task. Just look around or make it yourselves. 

Plain water is free from any flavor or artificial sweeteners. Just grab and drink a glass or a liter. It will keep you hydrated, but may not contain electrolytes and vitamins.

Other brand sports drinks have many healthy contents, go for the label and buy one for you while considering your health. 

Coconut water is another healthy drink that contains electrolytes and calories and is a healthy alternative.

Sugar and Calorie Content

Propel water contains sucralose which contributes to its sweetness. However, it is sweeter than sugar and can cause an increase in blood sugar after consumption. This sudden spike may not be suitable for diabetics. Sucralose can also cause gut discomfort in several people. 

The low sugar property has made propel water a low-caloric drink. Sucralose does not contain many calories to increase the caloric count in the drink. If you are looking for a low-calorie drink, propel water is a good option, but you might be careful of the blood sugar level spike. 

Additives in Propel Water

Sweeteners: Sucralose is added instead of sugar to provide sweetness as an artificial sweetener. It contains low calories and is sugar-free. 

Flavors: Adds several natural and artificial flavors to enhance the taste. Citric acid is one among them to add freshness and tart taste. 

Some people may not like the flavorings which can cause them stomach and skin discomfort if consumed.

Preservatives: Citric acid can be a flavor and a preservative at the same time. It provides acidity to the drink and preserves it. 

It can also cause acid reflux and gut imbalance in people with previous medical issues.

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Impact on Physical Performance

If you are not a sports person or working out only for a few minutes, propel water is more than enough for hydrating your body. The electrolytes you lose during those mild body movements can even be regained with proper food and water. 

For athletes and other individuals doing extreme body movements, propel water can be a good option to cope with the energy lost. It also helps in hydrating the body even after extreme sweating. 

Its low-caloric content may help in weight management, but can also affect the sugar level if not considered individual health preferences. 

Potential Benefits of Propel Water

  • To reload the electrolytes lost during heavy workouts.
  • Keeps the body hydrated for a long period.
  • It’s sugar-free and contains low calories.
  • To give nutritional benefits to the body and provide energy, this drink contains Vitamin B and C.

Downsides to Be Considered

  • The sweeteners, flavors, and preservatives are all added components, hence, they may have an impact on individuals with certain medical conditions. 
  • Artificial sweeteners can be challenging for diabetics and those who have imbalances in the gut.
  • The high sodium in such drinks is risky for kidney functioning. 
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Final Thought

Propel water is a sports drink, and it is not recommended for everyone. Consider your health conditions before consuming sports drinks. Though it promotes less sugar, less, calories, zero carbohydrates, etc. it can also affect your blood sugar level and kidney functioning due to an increased intake. Hence, consume such drinks depending on the workouts and body movements and also try to include more water and natural alternatives. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which drink is better? Gatorade or Propel water?

Gatorade is a brand of sports drink that contains more sodium than propel water. It also contains sugar and calories compared to propel water, but the calories may benefit you after a heavy workout.

Is it okay to drink propel water instead of normal water after jogging?

Jogging is a mild workout that may not let you lose much energy after that. Also, propel water can benefit you after an extreme physical movement to reload the electrolytes and metabolic support. Hence, try to consume normal water or any natural drink than propel water to hydrate your body after jogging. 

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